Speer was established in 2001 with the purpose to increase productivity in businesses by means of best practice information system consulting and deployment. Speer specialises in transforming businesses for maximum growth by utilising their thought leadership, technology and best in class processes. Speer’s renowned success is based on excellent consulting deployment services provided to large and small corporations, helping them achieve maximum business success. Speer focuses on providing long-term stability and profitability to businesses by utilising effective proven Information systems and technology. Speer has recently been appointed as the distributor for Viprinet in South Africa. This partnership opens the door for any businesses in South Africa (and beyond its borders) to achieve enterprise connectivity from consumer grade connectivity through true WAN bonding.

About VIPRINET Europe GmbH

Viprinet has been manufacturing innovative network components since 2006; their patented technology makes it possible to aggregate the bandwidths of a variety of WAN connections at the same time (xDSL, cable, mobile, or satellite). Today, about 50 employees develop, produce, and sell Viprinet products worldwide from Bingen am Rhein in Germany. An additional sales office opened in Sunnyvale, California, in early 2015. All Viprinet products are made in Germany and fulfil the highest standards of security and confidentiality.